Posted by ZenaV on Sep. 13, 2009

Illegal aliens are becoming easier to figure out when the adults have no manners (or morals) even to teach their kids. They also let them run wild without their supervison in public even very small ones which makes it dangerous in this dangerous Oklahoma City. Clearly they are teaching them to break the law.In fact, this could have been a Mexican program they were having for Mexican kids and should have had a license for it and hold it inside a building that Americans are required to do by law-not breaking laws in public which LOUD noise is!Even when the police came he told us several neighbors had called in a complaint about their harmful noise.Noise is a psychological and physical harm. Many people are not aware of their legal right to quiet and do not know how to register a complaint.We actually have laws against this psychological and mental as well as physical torture against others...and domestic terrorists like this should be fined or incarcerated in jail to teach them better. Here are some l

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