Last Day Wrath of The Lamb | Revelation 6

Posted by kerygma on Mar. 08, 2010

http-// Last Day Christian Church sees In Revelation 6 the four horses of the Apocalypse- The USA, Terrorism, Famine, Death and Hell. These are the principalities that will walk the earth in the Last day. America will defeat Iran. Then the American Government will fall. Then the Antichrist will emerge, and then the horses of terrorism, famine, death hell and destruction will continue to run. The Christian Church will be protected from the four horses, but not from the wrath of the heathens against whom the prophecy is spoken. The heathens will persecute the Church, but Jesus will grant the Church eternal life and reward the heathens with eternal damnation. See more at http-// All forty hours of the revelation series is available in DVD format for a $100 donation. They free here on the internet and on other video sharing sites. Your donation will make the DVD available Free to individuals in countries th

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