laser depilation

For more info in how to feel sexy visit or You will quickly find what you need to know Lets understand how laser hair removal works: Human hair grows from beneath the skin, at a growth core called the bulb which is present at the base of the hair follicle. In order to permanently inhibit the growth of hair and prevent hirsuteness, the growth of the hair from this very bulb under the skin needs to be stopped. This is where laser treatment for hair removal comes in. The laser beams, being of very high focused energy agitate thermally the bulbs of the hair follicle and destabilize it. In particular, the laser beams react with a pigment in the skin called Melanin present in the bulb. The destabilized bulb breaks down its growth cells and becomes incapable of showing re-growth resulting in a permanence of the removed hair or a reasonably acceptable long lasting duration of the treatment. Now for electrolysis: While the fundamental concept of destabilizing