Lakers championship song 2010

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2010 Lakers Anthem by Sol J ...Song will be available on itunes Its a new season, its a new day So I present, the new team LA Lead by the Mamba, along with D-Fish Bynum down low, Gasol with the swish Resigned LO, picked up Artest Ready for the journey, off to the quest Time to repeat, time to defend When we on point, who can contend No they cant see us, we got the Zen No they cant beat us, we bound to win We the lake show, aka show time We come together, like Optimus prime Mo banners in the raptors, then eva befoe Ring on the finger but we want mo Elevate your game,mind and soul One battle at a time, grab the rock lets go Step into greatness walk this way Follow the Champs of the NBA Title back in the west, its here to stay Show the whole league, we here to play Blood, sweat and tears, whateva it takes Another dynasty, we go-on create A whole lot of history, a lo mo at stake From the land of the lakes, home of the greats Mr West/ Magic man, KB/Kareem Go down the list, got our own dream t

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