Lady Lawyer Educates Bensalem (PA) Cop

Posted by oscar2e on Mar. 06, 2011

First, it is important to understand that SHARK has a great deal of respect for good law enforcement personnel. Society could not get along without these dedicated men and women. Because of the importance of GOOD law enforcement, we find those who abuse their authority to be have an extremely corrosive effect on society. The Bensalem Police Department and the Bucks County District Attorneys Office are in the pockets of pigeon shooters. When the police got a call that two women were video documenting outside the infamous Philadelphia Gun Club during a live pigeon shoot, the cops must have figured theyd scare them away without any trouble. But when those ladies, one of whom is a lawyer, turn out to be among the most tenacious activists in Pennsylvania, the Bensalem police realize they probably should have called in for back-up.

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