LA Girls -Pt2 (Music Video)

Posted by videodancecrew on Apr. 28, 2009

LA Girls Pt2(Music Video)@ Bianca Pratt grooves to Mams Taylors (Music Video) "LA Girls" and shows you how to do all the moves and dance like the pros. For more on the (Music Video) featured in this episode, go to 1. Step your left foot out to your left and make a fist with your left hand, pointing it forward from your elbow. 2. Step your right foot out to level out your stance, and make the same kind of fist with your right hand. 3. Drop to your right side, bending your knees and pointing your fists to the right. 4. Staying low, pivot on the ball of your left foot to bring your left knee in towards your right and then back out again. 5. Jump up to your left, feet together, bring your left hand straight up while keeping your right hand down at your side. 6. Then switch, jumping to your right, bringing your right hand straight up and left hand down at your side. 7. Step back with your left foot, spread your hands out to either side.

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