L.A. Zen - Fast Backward (Show 4)

Posted by LA_Zen on Feb. 16, 2011

http-//www.la-zen.com - And yet MORE experimental bizarrity. End credits for show # 4, The Quiz Show Show (episode), Jonteknik (music reversed), giant burned out industrial light bulbs, yellow toy cars, and MORE! *oink* FYI- Be the 8th, 42nd, 66th and 93rd person (sorry, no robots this time) to answer the 10 quiz questions correctly and win a FREE PRIZE! * Send your answers (example- 1-e (number of question followed by the letter of answer)) to the email addy in the video. * = Prizes consist of cheap toys, DVDs, candy, gag gifts and generally fun crap. Note- L.A. Zen is all about fun regardless of nationality, age, gender, social status (et ceteroids). If you dont have a sense of humor, be on your merry way.

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