KytoStat – First High Performance, Blood Stopping Bandage

Posted by elygperez on May. 01, 2008

KytoStat is a new high-performance bandage that does what traditional bandages can't: It stops stubborn bleeding fast while sealing and protecting the wound. KytoStat is 30 times more effective than competitors. Unique processing of chitosan, a natural compound found in shrimp shells, is key to KytoStat's effectiveness. The U.S. Army uses this technology to save lives in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now, KytoStat takes these benefits from combat to consumer, offering peace of mind to millions on blood-thinning medications as well as families and individuals who play hard. Easy-to-use KytoStat is the new must-have for your first aid kit. Video courtesy of WINK-TV in Ft. Myers, Fla.

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