Kyroman goes crazy

Kyroman, or for those of you who don’t know, a 9ft gas wielding pyro-technic robot who frequents the clubs of Ibiza, recently had a bit of a ruck in Amnesia. Taunted by a merry reveller and his group of friends who tried to kick Kyroman’s stilts from underneath him and clamber onto his space-age suit at the packed Cream night, Kyroman reacted as all peeved robots would: spraying the offender in the face with dry ice and lumbering after the drunken lout and his friends as they tried to run off into the crowd. But it didn’t stop there. Said offender continued to taunt Kyroman and his very delicate get-up which prematurely activated his pyro-technic display, usually saved for the conclusion of his performance, right in the faces of the watching crowd as they looked on in horror. As Kyroman says, being a robot is ‘a tough job, but someone’s got to do it’. Ibiza 2008 is on Living Thursdays at 10pm. Check out for more info and behind the scenes gossip.