Koh Samet

Posted by LearnThai on Aug. 26, 2009

Explore Koh Samet with http://teakdoor.com The Thailand Forum.Ban Phe is 14 kms from Rayong and Rayong is 179km from Bangkok and the dropping off point if you are traveling by bus from Bangkok, this is the place to catch your ferry to Koh Samet which is a Thai National Park. The Beaches of Koh Samet are as follows;Vong Duen Beach, Run by Malibu travel and relatively expensive.Tien Bay.Kew Bay.Nuan Bay.Tub Tim Bay, They have a post office here.Phai Bay, Night life here.Sai Kaew Beach, The longest beach and the most touristy.Loong Dam Beach.There are still some places on Koh Samet at Backpacker prices but nowadays it is geared towards luxury resorts and the higher price type places.

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