knife grinder: DMSQ-C (China)

Automatic knife grinder DMSQ-C,Is in Our company collection Germany knife grinder technology foundation,The development becomes the fourth generation of completely automatic may modulate velocity knife grinder?This model knife grinder uses the high quality carbon structural steel,The processing becomes Dragon Gate type structure fuselage;Wheelhead type of drive for trundle type straight line guide rail transmission;Cooling water by grinding wheel middle blowout (Water cooling electrical machinery patented technology),Causes the cooling performance to be better;The wheelhead movement and the grinding wheel rotational speed use the import frequency changer control,Speed willfully adjustable?--------------------------------------TianMing Printing machine wulizhong (G.Manager) Mob: 13957756581 Tel:0086-577-88611948 Fax;0086-577-85696082 Email;tianming@tian-mi web: Add: Pingan Road 138 Wutian Cihu Nan-Vill