Kitty Gets a Treat

Posted by bloodybitsdotcom on Jan. 19, 2011

We at Are bored. We packed up all our games and consoles in anticipation of our move, and theres been another delay! NO!! So weve had to find alternative methods of entertainment. In short, our cat Master Chief Petty Officer Millicent Millie Fuzzywinkle McFluffybottom III is a jerk. Seriously. She pees on our bed, and in the closet. She shreds anything paper/cardboard related. She knocks down goldfish crackers and engorges herself on them (which we find ironic, and humorous). She also divebombs us whenever we leave the bedroom in the dark. She terrorizes us. So in turn, we terrorize her. With love. And this time, with packing tape. Note that no kitty was harmed in the making of this video. However, husband collapsed to the floor (in laughter), and wife pulled something (something vital). Attempt only at your own risk, and ONLY if your cat is an a-hole.

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