Kiss The Cook - Honey Mustard Chicken

Posted by rawm2000 on Aug. 03, 2011

Today on kiss the cook Linda is joined by Havik & Wreckless to show everyone at home how to make honey mustard chicken! -honey mustard chicken 4 chicken boneless skinless breasts (cut in half) Italian breadcrumbs mustard honey rosemary -roasted potatoes 1lb baby red potatoes olive oil rosemary garlic salt -asparagus & red bell pepper small bunch of asparagus 2 red bell peppers olive oil lemon juice garlic salt *chicken Rinse chicken and cut in half. Stab all 8 cuts with a knife/fork. Use a cooking brush to slather on honey on both sides of chicken, then mustard both sides. Then bread with Italian breadcrumbs. Place chicken into a ready oiled backing dish, loosely cover with tin foil. (Remove foil 10 mins. before done) cooking time- 40-45 mins /preheat- 350 *baby red potatoes Clean all potatoes, cut each in half. Place tin foil on baking tray then drizzle olive oil add the potatoes and lightly drizzle olive oil over potatoes. Add rosemary then drizzle garlic salt. Place tin foil over potatoes. (Remove foi

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