Kingston Childrens Aid damages child

Posted by casinternment on Jan. 02, 2010

The Kingston Children’s Aid falsely removes a boy from his home after noting that he is doing well and is Not abused, they then proceed to abuse, terrorize this boy and his family. This video follows the child from his forced removal to his many attempts to run away from CAS and return home. His mother was thrown in jail because he kept running away from them to come home. This video shows the total lose of this child’s education and emotional well being because of the negligence and corruption in the Children’s Aid and family court system. There would be no trial, no accountability. The Kingston Children’s Aid would drag this threw court, until the family was impoverished and emotionally devastated. There would be no evidence allowed in the court to end this and dispute the CAS false claims. In fact before it was finally thrown out of court the Kingston CAS bared me from entering any evidence. So using the web I will publish the evidence the Kingston CAS did not want to Judge to see.

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