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Comintern Communist international organization founded in 1919 by Lenin and the Russian Communist Party - Bolshevik, who aim to fight by all possible means, including armed struggle to overthrow the bourgeoisie and for the formation of an international Soviet republic as a transition stage to abolish final stateAugust 23, 1944 ENTRY KOMINTERN NKVD agents and Soviet army in ROMANIA.Hebrew Russian fighters in the civil war in Spain in 1936-1940 guerrilla, komintern school products NKVD agents after his arrest on 23 augus 1944 Antonescu, enter Romania placed on Soviet tanksTismaneanu LEONTE born Leonid Tisminetki [1913 - 1981] Jew russsian komintern, member of C.C. the PMR, the Propaganda and Agitation Department, the father of Vladimir Tismaneanu member Bnai Brith Lodge, the current head of Commission for condemning communist crimes in Romania, Basescu for sentencing commission established by Romania and the Romanian people condemning for the crimes of Hebrew komintern against the Romanian peopleWALT

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