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September 12, 1944 Armistice Treaty Moscow, Soviet UnionThis truce between Romania and the Allies, king Mihai puts Romania under the control of the Allied, made up of the Soviet Union, U.S. and UK, respectively: Joseph Stalin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill Masonic lodge Bnai Brith members.Komintern NKVD agents and Soviet soldiers to exercise de facto control of Romania between 1944 - 1964, and Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina were incorporated Soviet Union.Article 14 of the ceasefire pact, envisaged the creation of two Jewish courts komintern in Romania, peoples courts to judge war crimes suspects, that is to condemn and kill Romanian citizens who participated in the war against Russia and that resist implantation COMMUNISM Romania, courts that have held activities during 1944 -1962After the Second World War tribunals were set up two people from the government appointed by King Mihai of Romania led by General Constantin Stanescu, and Secretary of State was busy Lucretiu Patrascanu

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