Kimbo Slice Loses

Posted by mannbay2004 on Mar. 16, 2008

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Check out this incredible Kimbo Slice loses video. Sean Gannon and Kimbo Slice duke it out in an underground fight in what looks to be a converted H&R Block. These two titans wail on each other until they are both left bloodied and battered. MMA underground fights like these are bare-knuckle beat-downs that can go on for tens of minutes. But not when Sean Gannon is involved. Then we get a great Kimbo Slice video.When Kimbo Slice loses on video watch out for the aftermath. The massive street fighter has a great win record but finds his opponent too much to handle in this crazy clip. There is not enough money in the world to get most people in this ring. A long fight in a wrestling room exhausts both men but in the end Kimbo cannot continue and loses an insane fight!

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