Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

Posted by HollywoodSmut on Aug. 19, 2008

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Check out this Kim Kardashian sex tape in all its glory. This spectacular Kim Kardashian sex tape footage stars, you guessed it, her big butt. It wasnt long ago when Kim Kardashian was just the spoiled little daughter of an OJ Simpson attorney, and now she has a sex tape. Were not going to lie, this isnt the footage of Kim K and Ray J running around that hotel room. To be honest, that thing sucked. I mean, you saw him naked more than you did her. And then theres all that footage of them frolicking on the beach? Who cares?! Kim Kardashians ass is the stuff of legend, so show us more of that, Ray J! Anyways, in this video shes wearing a swimsuit and playing in a giant bathtub, showing off that famous Kim Kardashian rump to all the photogs. No more Ray J and more of Kim Ks butt? We all win!Okay, so this might not be the EXACT Kim Kardashian sex tape you were looking for, but that thing just has way too much Ray J junk in it for us. Besides, you have to pay to watch the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape, and we're far too cheap. This video is waaaay better than any hastily edited montage of images featuring Kim K and some naked dude walking around a hotel room. In this sexy video you've got Kim Kardashian in a bathing suit, dunking herself in and out of a giant bathtub. I mean she really goes for it in order to give the photographers the best shots of her big butt. Let's face it: Kim Kardashian is famous for her ass and nothing else, and there ain't much of it in that sex tape. Another plus is that Kim talks a lot less in this video compared to the sex tape.

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