Killer Whale Drags Trainer Underwater at SeaWorld San Diego

Posted by promvid on Jul. 24, 2012

Video shows killer whale dragging SeaWorld trainer underwater. Footage played at OSHA court hearing. a killer whale pulling a SeaWorld San Diego trainer underwater and holding him there during a nine-minute ordeal was released after it was presented at OSHA court hearing in September. The November 2006 video, captured by SeaWorld cameras, was called chilling by Judge Ken Welsch, who upheld the OSHA citations against SeaWorld, which requires trainers to remain out of the water and behind barriers during killer whale shows. The government, which released the video as part of a public records request, argued that the incident shows that highly-trained killer whales can be unpredictable and deadly. The newly-released video shows a female orca named Kasatka repeatedly dragging trainer Ken Peters underwater as he struggled to get free at SeaWorld San Diego. Kasatka grabbed Peters by the foot and held him underwater for more than a minute before resurfacing. Later, after Peters tried to calm the whale by patting

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