Kidulthood trailer

Gritty, raw and brutally frank, “Kidulthood” goes deep into London’s hidden underbelly and delivers a hard-hitting reflection of what life is really like for 21st century teenagers. In a world where sex is currency, drugs are easy and violence is a way of life, trouble can never be too far behind. “Kidulthood” is sure to stun audiences when it is released on DVD by Image Entertainment on November 11. This isn't child's play…it's just another day in the inner city, where teenage growing pains can often lead to suicide, pregnancy and hot-blooded murder. The film follows 15-year-old Trife, a boy trapped between the world of his school friends, the girl he loves and the draw of his powerful and dangerous uncle. When classes are suspended after a bullied schoolgirl hangs herself rather than face another day of torment, Trife and his crew take to the streets where sex and drugs are a way of life and violence lurks behind every corner. Powerful, disturbing and moving, “Kidulthood” is "as potent as a shot of vod