Kid Gets Annihilated While Jerking Off

Its one thing to have your mom catch you jerking off, but its a whole other embarrassing situation when your suite mates catch you on video while youre donkin the dinosaur in the dorm bathroom. To add insult to injury, your friends then proceed to launch condiment/pizza grenades at you. Apparently our jerk off is often excusing himself to the bathroom saying that he has to take a dump when hes actually just trying to get some private time to flog the dolphin. But these college bros know better and stage a cops-style jerking off surprise attack on video. After his buddies catch him jerking off in the bathroom stall, they squirt him with ketchup and mustard, and launch pizza, salad, spaghetti bombs, and finish the job by coating him in baking soda. From the looks of this video, our poor unsuspecting college jerk off might need to spend a little more time studying.