Kelly Brook: Three

Posted by Danadog on Dec. 09, 2008

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You have to see this video of Kelly Brook in the movie Three. The hot brunette engages in some late night swimming. While this video is pretty sexy its a miracle that Kelly Brook survived. The sea is a violent terrible place. To a shark a naked beauty like Kelly, smells the same as a hurt baby seal. Luckily all the sharks were immediately distracted by her large breasts. True story. Lesson: big tits save lives. 2nd Lesson: Dont swim at night without Kelly Brook. See you didnt even know that you would learn survival while watching this video of Kelly Brook in Three.The nude shall inherit the Earth as shown in this video. The buxom brunette strips down and heats up as she slips beneath the waves. Luckily there is an underwater camera in prime position to capture all the naked goodies in this great video.

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