Keep the Heat - Taylor Swift - Mine (Official Music Video) Song

Posted by twitterpk on Aug. 21, 2010

Add me on Facebook! http-// Follow me on Twitter! http-// Lyrics- So I was kicking back enjoying a nice cup of coffee Then I was outside doing some brand new karate moves That made me get all hot and sweaty So I got in the hot tub and when I got out Holy smokes, look shes so beautiful! Just lying in the chair Its both a towel and an informal garment Yes, yes I can see it now! Strutting my stuff in my bathrobe feeling awesome Mad people staring at my absorbent fabric I wanna take it off but people will probably call me An exhibitionist, but thats ok Says my amigo Jose He does it every freaking day -- Extra Tags- Taylor Swift Mine Official Music Video Spoof Taylor Swift Mine Song + Lyrics Parody Mine Taylor Swift Music Video Taylor Swift Mine Video Mine Song Lyrics Mine

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