keep commenting yeahhhh22,

Posted by cclover31isback on Jul. 19, 2010

FYI, Im 35. No older, no younger, My wife is 39 years old. A real lady that dont curse, and takes care of the man that takes care of her. yeahhhhhh22 You're a faggot -) I think you're pretty funny. I've seen 5 of your videos and to be honest they're hilarious, you're just a complete moron. I'll give you some feedback as a viewer. So my favorite video is To TG and the GFB by far. I find this one to be funny because you sound like such a little bitch in it like when you said you stabbed me sat there and talked about me behind my back. Hahahah. How old are you guy? Pushing 60 I'd say, man up you fat little bitch you sound like a high school girl.I also like the video where you talk about smart and intelligent people. This one is pretty funny because you say that smart and intelligent people don't report videos or flag comments. How does flagging or reporting on youtube make someone intelligent or not? Later in that video when you show your beautiful tin can trailer and shit pool hahaha, do you

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