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Posted by Isncoins786 on Jan. 19, 2012

If you could give me just a couple of minutes of your time I think I may have something that is right up your alley. My name is Kashif Bashir and I am from the UK. My company is exploding right now in many countries in the World, and I think with your Entrepreneurial skills you would be very interested in teaming up with my company. We deal with the largest industry in the world, which is the Precious Metals. Since the dawn of time the human race has loved Gold and Silver and I think you would find our concept very intriguing. Let me ask you this, when was the last time you held Real Gold in your Hands? And where did you go to get it? You see my company is full filling the #1 dream in the world and that is to get physical Gold and Silver. Feel free to check out my website and then get back to me here on Youtube- www.isncoins.com/786 Isn Modern Coins is a leading Modern Coins Company located in Indianapolis, Indiana. We specialize in the buying and selling of Government Minted Premium World Coins. Most coins

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