Posted by FHM_UK on Jul. 31, 2007

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TEST - The good people over at FHM have been kind enough to approach the ancient Indian art of Kama Sutra and explain some of its more popular sexual positions over a 28 day period. Here's something you might not actually know: the Kama Sutra isn't actually just about sex. It actually was an ancient text written in Sanskrit that discussed the nature of human intercourse in relation to thoughts about love, family life, and spiritual values. But, hey, this is the internet, so let's watch two hot chicks simulate a bunch of naughty stuff.Great kamasutra videos don't come around every day. The sexy Indian sex guide has found new life in the internet age. The incredible wonders of sexy fun trapped within its pages must be released to the world. The knowledge inside has the ability to melt faces in an Indiana Jones like fashion. So be careful how you choose to use the great secrets of the kama sutra!

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