Kali4nia - Drive by Venice, Featuring Meet Me At The Pub

Posted by HenHouseStudios on Feb. 16, 2010

http://henhousestudios.com/ Kali4nia - Drive by Venice designed to showcase exciting local bands from Venice, California. The host Crashs passion for beach life and music is electrifying and he is a surf/skateboard master. Featured in the first episode is the metal/punk/surf/rock/ska band Meet Me at the Pub. The show takes viewers on an incredible journey with the band as they tear through the city preparing for an upcoming gig and perform to the cheers of local fans and the seductive moves of go-go dancers. Known for its infamous boardwalk, Venice is home to many outstanding musicians and artists. Talent can be seen on every street corner and tourists flock to the boardwalk for all the talent it has to offer. Musicians come to Venice Beach with hopes of their artistry being noticed. Kali4nia - Drive by Venice is where the boardwalk leads.

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