K9 officer's takedown of suspected car thief caught on camera

Posted by andywarol on Dec. 07, 2013

Unified Police Department officers chased down and captured a suspect who allegedly stole a car Wednesday, and the takedown was caught on camera. West Jordan resident Tim Tabor said it was a surprise to witness such an event, particularly on his front porch. You know, you think of the cops show, 'bad boys, bad boys', they're wrestling him down—only it's odd to see it happen right on your front porch, he said. The stolen vehicle's owner, Joe Mcelhaney, said the car was stolen from their driveway. He gave chase in his other vehicle, and hit the stolen car, forcing it off the road. The thief has made a run for it, but left tracks in the snow, easy for police to follow, to the front porch of Mr Tabor. The police arrived, and a K9 unit pulled the suspect down. The capture was caught on surveillance cameras, and the footage can be viewed in the video above. That's when the K9 unit came into the frame and pulled him down, they wrestled him down on the porch and drug him off into the snow and arrested him, Tabor said. The suspected car thief, Justin McCaskill, was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail. He has a criminal record in Utah and California

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