justin bieber love story ch5 pt 2 ~first kiss~

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Jan. 31, 2010

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srry i haven't written in a while lol we left off with Jayla walking in to the dinner table -------------------------------- *Jayla walk in and sit down* Justin: mmmmm spaghetti :) im hunggrryyy Kayla: your a pig *hits arm playfully* Justin: *stuffs mouth and talks while eating* aa-mm.. nnn-noo-t Kayla: *laughs and starts eating* ~they held hands under the table the whole time and Pattie sat there eating and watching them cuz they're so darn cute~ Kayla: yumm, that was really good lol ima go wash up Justin: i'm done, i'll come with *smiles* Kayla: *okay* ~Jayla walk to the bathroom and wash their hands... just then their hands slightly touch under the faucet ~ Kayla POV - wow... im finally dating Justin... and on my birthday... AHHHHH!!... oh shit, hands are otuching... they're soft *smiles* Justin POV - *happy sighs* im so happy she feels the same way... im surprised i had the guts to ask her out... oh crap, our hands are touching... theres little sparks going through my whole body... wow... Kayla: *giggles

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