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Posted by Shazap on Oct. 21, 2008

Welcome back zappers, Im Devin Curry with http://Shazap.com. Your online video source for comic book news and reviews. Follow me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/devincurry. This title is coming off a pretty strong arch and so I gave it another try. Unfortunately the things that made the last arch great didn't carry over into this one. The team aspect is not there in this story and it is focusing on two relatively boring characters. I mean seriously Animal Man and Vixen. Anansi is a great villain I just wish he were up against a higher caliber of heroes. DC did a great job of making D list villains cool but it hasn't really had the same effect with the heroes. Everyone deserves their shot at a starring role in a book like the JLA but not everyone can carry it. I guess that's the inherent risk of a book like the JLA is just sucks that they had finally drawn me back in just leave me hanging with this lamo story. I've always said that the JLA has to be taken on an arch by arch basis and this is ...

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