Justice Freaks

Posted by kevinhamilton on Mar. 29, 2009

if the justice league consisted of real people, with real disorders, this would be it. why do superheroes, get all the good diseases they get super human strength, invisibility and telekinesis we get cancer sepsis and gout, gonorrhea, emphysema and tuberculosis parkonsons and HIV, Encephalomyelitis and scoliosis it doesnt seem fair to me, spiderman gets to shoot webs from his hands all we got in reality, is michael j. fox and the elephant man oh im tired im tired im tired, im tired of it all im tired im tired, it just doesnt make sense at all why do we have guys who are born without eyes while superman uses heat vision to warm up his french fries im tired im tired....... comic books have guys who can soar through the skies we have simese twins who are attached at the thighs well im tired of shit gonna do sumtin bout it gonna form my own league of special needs we'll fight crime with our disabilities to help bring peace to americas streets together we will be, the justice freaks time to meet the gang...

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