Just Bang 2 Muay Thai and Kickboxing

Posted by IconiciTv on Dec. 19, 2012

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Just Bang 2 Muay Thai and Kickboxing from Iconici Tv MMA. Like this? Watch the latest episode of Iconici Tv MMA on Blip! http-//blip.tv/Iconicitvmma/watch Iconici TV MMA returned to 719 kickboxing to interview some of the fighters that will be involved with Just Bang 2 Promotion. Syndee and Trinity were able to speak with female fighter Aimee Davis from Altitude MMA, 719 fighters Casey Hanley and Antonio Martin and 14 year old female fighter Precious Tomasek. Trinity also spoke with owner Jeff Martinez along with coach/promoter Lee Thompson. See all episodes of Iconici Tv http-//blip.tv/Iconicitvmma#EpisodeArchive Visit Iconici Tvs series page http-//blip.tv/Iconicitvmma

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