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Posted by DLDHistory on Sep. 04, 2008

Direct Link: http://www.dldhistory.com/link2us.asp?ID=1017 Some of the original walnut trees that had been uprooted from the groves that covered the Disneyland site were rescued, then "uprooted" once again in the jungle -- planted upside down so their roots stuck up in the air -- to begin a new life simulating the bizarre and exotic jungle plants everyone expected to see in such a remote and uncharted jungle. From a current Jungle Cruise skipper. There is a "Jungle Cruise Script" the day any one of us actually uses it, is the day The Jungle dies. The only time you might hear us do a "Standard Operating Procedure" (SOP) spiel, is when a supervisor is on our boat!! Boat Names: Amazon Belle, Congo Queen, Ganges Gal, Hondo Hattie, Irrawaddy Woman, Kissimmee Kate, Magdalena Maiden, Mekong Maiden, Nile Princess (out of service), Orinoco Adventuress, Suwannee Lady, Ucayali Una, Yangtze Lotus, Zambezi Miss Complete video of Disneyland's Jungle Cruise available at DLDHistory.com

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