Juan Miguel Ego - Juan Parody

Posted by Juan-Miguel-Gonzalez-859 on Oct. 23, 2011

A parody of the song Stan by Eminem about a fan (Eminem - Stan) LMAO He might think im freaky llol This was just random lol Hope Eric watch it!!! http-//www.youtube.com/user/MyAltereeeGO http-//www.youtube.com/user/SUPEReeeGO LIKE!!!! -D!!! http-//www.facebook.com/JuanMiguelLA Music in the back ground comes from WAX check him out http-//www.youtube.com/user/waxandherbalt HAHA I MADE IT INTO LYRICS Dear Eric, I poked you but you're still not responding I left my cell, my Youtube and my Facebook at the bottom I sent two Twitters back in autumn you must not have got em That was probably just a fraudulent Eric account or something sometimes I skiddie messages too sloppy when I bot em Anyways, Fuck it what's been up boy how's life? My girlfriend's crazy too her name is Jessi Slaughter if I have a daughter, guess what I'ma call her? I'ma name her Sleepy brown I read about your homegirl too I'm sorry I had a friend delete her page after some bitch that kept on stalkin I know you probably hear this everyday B

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