Joy 3D (Cute Thai Girl in Anaglyph 3D Color Glasses)

Joy 3D is produced by What can be more classic than a beautiful girl on an exotic beach in Hua Hin, Thailand. The Sun rises; she gives us a wink; and you know she likes you. Joy was shot on a Sony PMW EX3 High Definition camera converted to 3D by using Adobe CS4 After Effects and Spacial View 2D to 3D plugin. While anaglyph is the lonely step child of 3D - it is the most accessible way to present 3D on the web at this point. Soon, we will be offering other 3D content in other web-available formats. Please check out our website,, for upcoming information on new and exciting developments in 3D technology.You can subscribe to our RSS feed or bookmark our site to stay in the loop, as well.Copyright 2009 Al Caudullo. All Rights Reserved.