Journey One

Posted by olympicsong on Mar. 08, 2009

The images in this music-slide-video are from Dieter. B. Kapp. He is also the sole Copyright holder for all the photographs os Indian Landscapes used in this slide. He shot these images during his stay in India (Ooty, Kerala, Mysore, Goa). Dieter is an artist, musician, photographer, indologist, linguist, philosopher and humanist. Dieter has composed more than sixty musical pieces for piano. Check out his website I have used my own composition “Journey One” in this video, using Dieters? images of India. The music genre is “Indo-Flamenco-Guitar-Percussion”. The melody is influenced by “Raagas”, the classical Indian music and the Flamenco guitar playing. It?s like a “journey on the routes to the roots”. In this composition I have played the guitar and the percussion simultaneously (like they do in flamenco). Enjoy this. Cheers!

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