Jose Canseco vs 7-2 Korean KickBoxer

Posted by FailStop on May. 26, 2009

I dont have the slightest idea how long this video will stay up, but I can tell you that I find it incredibly amusing that Jose Canseco fought a 7-2 Korean kickboxer and had to tap out in 1-16. The best part of the defeat is, without a doubt, the fact that he didnt even really lose because of his inability to fight (although that was pretty clearly an issue, too). No, he went down because he was essentially unable to defend himself after he injured his knee running away from his opponent, Hong Man Choi. You can actually see him start hopping around right before he goes down. And honestly, his opponent was so much bigger than him, he sort of looked like a cartoonish fighter from Punch-Out!!

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