John Boucher

Posted by anonsparrow2 on Jul. 25, 2009

Recorded 12/13/08 - Washington DC .................................. Watch Sylvia Stanards reaction around the 7 second mark when I initially ask her about the suicide of Scientologist John Boucher. You can hear her flippantly click her tounge and shrug it off like its nothing. This was the exact same attitude that the execs. had when they told us (staff) about the death of Lisa McPherson. Liz Clapp flippantly said Yep. She died of a brain bubble. and made this disgusting facial gesture very similar to what Sylvia does here. Liz failed to mention the part about Lisa having a psychotic break and then being forcibly held at Scientologys Ft. Harrison Hotel where her condition worsened over 17 days ultimately resulting in her demise. (Minor oversight, Liz?) John Boucher was a Scientologist who committed suicide after the cult declared him an illegal preclear, making him ineligible for further Church services. His brave daughter Jean Boucher told her story at two of the monthly protests. See her video

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