Johan Vs Jibab

Posted by Studuos-Wayne-41 on Jul. 02, 2011

This funny clip is actually the behind-the-scenes production of Bujang Telajak (or Apek, Johan, Nabil - Siapa Hebat!?), a Malaysian feature film that is scheduled for theatrical release in the 1st half of 2012. Starring Johan Raja Lawak, Saiful Apek, Nabil Raja Lawak, Nur Fazura and many others, this comedy will set you giggling from start to end. This clip features Johan Raja Lawak (the guy on the left) acting as Johan and Shaheed Salim (a new actor/producer/director) acting as Jibab (a 40 year old with the mind of a 4 year old). While Johan is explaining to viewers about the movie, Jibab continually interrupts him. He asks Johan to draw the Kaabah but the mentally handicapped guy has something else in mind. The concept & directing of this clip was done by Shaheed.

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