Joel Osteens Humble Deception Part 2

Posted by digitalflava on Nov. 15, 2009

This is a video that will show you exactly just how deceived, corrupted and misinformed the church has become. The one in the hot seat, Joel Osteen, has outright said that it is NOT his method to use scripture to explain his points and that it is the mainstream that he is trying to reach. I guess the bible does not cut it these days. Its popularity is going down the drain fast.Also in this video, Yah sent one of his soldiers to preach truth to the people and cry out against Osteens methods and the people were not having it. It is a sad, sad thing to watch as the church totally ignored the sound doctrine which was brought forth out of this vessel of Yah mercys mouth.

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Tags false prophet, joel osteen, false teacher, lying pastors

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