Joe Stack Austin IRS Plane Crash

mma pound for pound AP Raw Video Footage. Joe Stacks crashed a plane into Austin IRS offices after writing a suicide message on his website embeddedart, it has since been taken down by request from the FBI, the full message is archived over the internet and it appears he had serious greviouses with the IRS. From the BBC News Website. US law enforcement officials are investigating whether a plane that hit a building in Austin, Texas, was a deliberate attack on a tax office. The pilot of the single-engined plane that hit the seven-storey office has been named as Joseph Andrew Stack. Most employees were evacuated but one person remains unaccounted for, a spokesman for the Austin fire department said. The White House said the crash did not appear to be an act of terrorism. Grievance A US website has published an apparent suicide note attacking the US tax authorities and signed by the man suspected of piloting the plane. However, at this