Job Hunting- Downtown With Master C

Posted by smashtvdotca on May. 09, 2010

Job Hunting- Season 1 Episode 3 In this weeks episode, Master C wanders around downtown trying to see who will hire him! See what places hire him, and which ones kick his ass out! Dont forget to rate comment and subscribe! You can follow us on facebook! http-//!/pages/SmashTVca/133321009341?ref=ts Or on twitter! JasonSmashTV Next week, Master C walks into an underground rock night club! Leave a comment below and tell us what kind of trouble you wanna see him do as he decides to run the show! Special thanks for this episode go to... -London police, for not arresting us. -Dude that owns pizza pizza. still cant pronounce your name. but you rock! -Our new greek friends that own the parking lot! -And our friends in the band The Pack AD for vandalizing master cs armor with there logo! Be sure to check them out!

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