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JOAN RIVERS was a one woman anti costco book selling protest. Costco won't sell Joan's book so this was here way to get attention to that fact and help promote her book.Television personality Joan Rivers created a little mayhem Tuesday at a Costco in Burbank, chaining herself to a shopping cart and shouting from a bullhorn as part of a protest that also happened to promote her new book. Clad in chunky jewelry and oversized dark glasses, Rivers went onto Costco's property to denounce the fact that the wholesale giant does not sell her book, I Hate Everyone ... Starting With Me. Police officers were called to the scene but no citations were issued. Rivers ultimately left, but only after speaking extensively with television reporters. She said her book had been banned by the chain because it has cuss words on the back cover. People should have the right to have the literature they want, the nasal-voiced comedienne told KTLA News. This is the beginning of Nazi Germany. Rivers had her own film crew in tow for her

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