Jet Packs and The Walking Dead

Posted by JWatsonTV on Dec. 29, 2012

My 2012 compilation includes the best of 2012 plus unseen bonus footage. This year has been amazing. Ive done everything from flying water jet packs and swimming with tigers to running from zombies, giant paint fights, and Tough Mudder. Thank you guys for watching, commenting, thumbing up, and subscribing. Subscription Page- http-// Check out Some of the full length videos here GoPro HD- Parkour Chase Tag http-// American Ninja Warrior 2012 Training With Drew Drechsel http-// WATER JET PACK http-// Swimming With Adorable Tiger Cubs http-// A few things coming soon in 2013 Warrior Dash Florida 2013 Spartan Race Miami 2013 The Color Run Orlando Florida 2013 Driving Exotic Cars

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