Jesus Loves Flying Sharks Parody

Posted by McBarthes on Sep. 16, 2009

Shark Hunting in Paradise Garden is available at would you expect to find if you traveled back in time to the Garden of Eden? Adam and Eve? The tree of knowledge? A wicked serpent? How about some giant flying sharks! Thats right, I said sharks. Biblical sharks. Sharks that are bigger than city buses. Sharks that can swim through the air and through the ground just as easy as swimming through water. The Garden of Eden is swarming with these mammoth killing machines and theyll eat just about anything or anyone they come across. A group of fanatical religious tourists from the future travel back in time to meet Adam and Eve. Unfortunately, their time ship crashes, killing the majority of the crew (including the leprechauns) and leaving them stranded in this strange shark-infested land. Among the survivors are- Ernest who has the ability to turn people into mannequins, Ira who wields a razor-edged bible for a weapon, Wayne a giant wizard head with fat lizard legs, Donkey the hunchback halfwit

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Tags jesus, bizarro

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