Jesus Came In My Face

Schonne Volkmann embarks on a journey to rediscover how he discovered Jesus and discovers that he will rediscover Jesus again after temporarily unrediscovering him. Filmed in various locations in the Brabant Province and Erps Kwerps, Belgium. Guest star Neils Anders as Jesus Christ. Filmed in Vrotvision by Robin Poncelet. Produced and Edited by Robin Poncelet at Evangelical Light and Magic Studios. Animation by Jean Jacques DuJean. Directed by Jean Jacques DuJean & Robin Poncelet. Lyrics- I was quite an unruly child Playing with my friends and running wild Knocking on doors then running away Smoke a cigarette the cool kid way Scratch our names on the school desks Can of Kwak shandy in our packed lunch flasks Doin our homework half heartedly Miming to the hymns in assembly Bridge Then one day I had a revelation Hanging around by the railway station Looking for grot mags in the hedge That truck drivers chucked once they'd been read Then Jesus came in my face Spread his love all over the place He filled the hole in my heart And gave me a brand new start Buried inside an old Big Wabs issue There was a flyer from the Sunday school My eyes they were drawn to a bleak wooden cross Suddenly my soul new what it had lost Left all my friends with their hands in their pants I knew I had to make myself a part of Jesus' plans I bought an old keytar with my paper round dues And started writing songs about Jesus's blues Bridge I called my friends and told them my plan We all bought some instruments to make up a band We wrote some songs and we sing them to you And now you know what you all have to do Let Jesus come in your face Spread his love all over your face He'll fill a hole in your heart And give you a brand new start Don't matter if you're a stripper or Goth A woman or a German or a Wampa from Hoth Open up wide and take him all in And feel him thrust away all of your sins