Jessica Biel Nude in Powder Blue!

Posted by MrSkinVideo on Apr. 08, 2009

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Have you seen Jessica Biel naked yet? Jessica Biel nude has been a dream of men everywhere since she was on Seventh Heaven. She plays a stripper in the new film Powder Blue. But does she actually get naked onscreen for the first time? Mr Skin reveals the truth! And, yes, you will see Jessica Biel naked. Sorry for ruining the surprise, but you should probably know stuff like this by now! Jessica appears sans clothing several different times in the film, which opened to middling reviews and never really broke out of the DVD market as a recognizable hit. Still, even if the movie didnt catapult into immediate success on the promise of Ms. Biels flawless naked body, it will always be remembered for that very reason, and well fondly celebrate it in our heart of hearts. Jessica, youll always be sexy to us!

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