JES Awaken Official Music Video

Posted by PlanetJes on Feb. 18, 2011 ??Itunes Link: is an optical thrill that seduces the viewer to follow JES into various location that have to be believed to be seen and seen to be believed. The video takes place in a vast open desert, a mountainous valley, a vacant nightscape, and completely submerged in an underwater wonderland. All of these visuals play a symbolic part to the lyrics, and as JES sings, Awaken you heart, your mind, the viewer is treated with vivid colors and a sense of weightlessness. The songstress, of course, is at the center of her mystical plane, as she traverses her kingdom with a voluptuous step.? JES once again summons the sound that recognizes her well deserved title. Awaken is, on one hand, an electronic calculation, featuring a thumping bass and bubbling synth, but on the other, an untamed guitar laced animal racing with unpredictability. This hybrid combination is something that can be appreciated by dance connoisseurs just as muc

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