Jeff Dunhams Achmed

Posted by loqwoxone on Dec. 28, 2007

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Jeff Dunhams Achmed stars in this hilarious new video. His comedy has made him one of the highest paid comedians in the world. Achmed is a great arab goofball. If youre a fan of ventriloquism then this is the video for you. Dunham has proven to be a modern master of comedy. Move over Steve Martin, make way Rodney Dangerfield, theres a new king in town. This Christmas themed delight is hilarious. Dunham hits new comedy highs as he impersonates an Arab skeleton. Its so wrong but its soooo funny. Who knows what kind of humor Dunham will bring us next. Hopefully, whatever it is it will include more Jeff Dunham Achmed videos.The Jeff Dunham Achmed character has spawned hilarious videos. Achmed is a skeleton terrorist who has lost his way and made it into Dunham's show. The silly character has a few non-pc things to say about the middle east. The puppet has a mind of it's own as you will learn by watching this very funny clip.

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