Jawbreaker 4 Busy 11-4-1989 Downtown Beirut NY

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Feb. 01, 2010

Jawbreaker playing the only known live version of Busy at the Downtown Beirut in New York, NY on 11/4/1989. Busy as one of thier most loved songs, but the band stopped performing it live very early on, despite constant requests which were lobbed at them at nearly every show for the rest of thier career. This is the earliest recorded performance of the band to surface, video or audio! I'vekept all the between song banter and whatnot so that you can view the whole show if you'd like, although there are a lot of cuts in the footage thanks to the cameraman. Go to my profile, and check out the playlists for the easiest way to watch the whole thing, or other shows. This is part 4 of 12.

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